Our services

Easily expand your workforce by finding the right talent

Looking for a long-term team member or need extra support for your project?
With our experience we are able to act quick on various sectors, projects
and cultural fits.

Permanent hires

Growing your business and need to expand your internal head count, to facilitate the growth & ambitions of the company? We help you find the right talent that will have the right cultural fit.

  • Long-term committed team member that can grow with the company and shape the future of it
  • Lower cost if project runs longer than 18-months
  • Have continuity and stability to your team and impact low staff attrition

Contract & freelance hire

Need extra help or expertise from a specialist? Contractors offer a flexible way to get that knowledge and experience in-house quickly without wasting too much time on hiring.

  • Experts that are specialised in a specific field that you need for your project
  • Be flexible in engagement and workload. Hire on-demand.  No cure, no pay
  • Reduce administrative burden (Tax, insurance, equipment) or other HR-related (training, management)


Let employees joins the organisation on a temporary or contract basis with the possibility of transitioning into a permanent employee later.

  • Assess a candidate's skills, work ethic, and cultural fit within the organisation before making a long-term commitment.
  • Adjust staffing levels based on project demands
  • Reduce hiring risks with an evaluation period before making a long-term commitment